Studio + Equipment



The OUH Studio is....

a full functioning studio that has: 

3 Lighting Strobes (Alien Bees)

2 Continuous Lights  

1 Large Reflective Umbrella 

1 Butterfly & Panel Reflector

Backdrop Stand

3 Muslim Backdrops: White, Whitish Gray, Pink

Backdrop Paper (Black & Gray)

Backdrop Assortments (Black Suede, Lace, Etc.)

Studio Props and Furniture 

1 Large Vintage/Victorian Couch  (Beige & Floral)

2 Vintage/Victorian Chairs (Turquoise) 

56 x 14 Softbox 

Light Trigger Set  

Umbrellas  (White)

Light Reflectors (White, Gold & Black) 

and more! Text for a tour today!